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Norwegian Genealogy

Digitalarkivet: "The Digital Archives is a public service from the National Archives of Norway. Here you can search in transcribed source material for free.

05.07.2007 The 1769 Census for Rennebu in Meldalhas been registered by Arnt Stavne. AR

Gjøvik og Toten slektshistorielag is a new guest in the Digital Inn. The association will publish a lot of material that its memmbers have registered from Gjøvik and Toten in Oppland county. To start off, we have recieved tomb stones at Kolbu cemetery registered summer of 2005. ASC"

my own Digital Reference Library has a couple of impoortant links for Norway

Norwegian names

Oluf Rygh: Norwegian Farm Names

The database currently covers the following volumes of O. Rygh's series on Norwegian farm names: 1 through 17. These volumes cover farm names in the following modern counties (fylke) Østfold (Smaalenenes amt), Akershus og Oslo (Akershus amt), Hedmark (Hedemarkens amt), Oppland (Kristians amt), Buskerud (Buskeruds amt), Vestfold (Jarlsberg og Larviks amt), Telemark (Bratsberg amt), (Aust-Agder (Agdenes amt),Vest-Agder (Lister og Mandals amt), Rogaland (Stavanger amt), Hordaland (Søndre Bergenhus amt), Sogn og fjordane (Nordre Bergenshus), Møre og Romsdal (Romsdals amt), Sør-Trøndelag (Søndre Trondhjems amt), Nord-Trøndelag (Nordre Trondhjems amt), Nordland (Nordlands amt) and Troms (Tromsø amt). The names in parenthesis are the older county names used in this database.

The references in the text to Diplomatarium Norvegicum (a collection of medieval charters)
Oluf Rygh: Norwegian Farm Names

Those Norwegian names, a little history and tips for online researchers

This article has moved, click the link to go to the article:

This article focuses on the Norwegian naming traditions, and what problems or advantages they can bring to the online researcher. Did you meet the brick wall while researching your Norwegian ancestors online? This article might give some new clues.

Those Norwegian names, tips for the "online" researcher

Background history:

The "first name" was from ancient times and up till about 100 years ago the name of the person. You did not have a surname in the way we have nowadays. The old vikings believed that the child would achieve qualities and protection from what they were named after, like animals and weapons. The old norse names originally consisted of two components, a prefix and a suffix. --- and click to read on about Norwegian names

and I just typed cyndi norway in theaddress bar of Firefox and my browser took me to Cyndi's List - Norway / Norge

Another good starting point is Soc Genealogy Nordic: "the USENET unmoderated Newsgroup for Genealogy in Denmark, Faeroe Islands, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.
One of 25 Usenet Newsgroups in the soc.genealogy hierarchy"

gatewayed to


The GEN-NORDIC-L mailing list was formed somewhat after the
the newsgroup was formed. It provides archiving and an alternative
access to soc.genealogy.nordic.


Subject: [can be blank, or say subscribe]

one line, only. Anything else confuses the computer.

Mail to GEN-NORDIC list manager

The current list manager is Alf Christophersen.

much scandinavian genealogy goes on by local bulletin boards in the local language but questions posted in english (or for example german) will be answered also

very very important Genealogy Society of Norway - DIS

The Genealogy Society of Norway - DIS (Norwegian name: "DIS-Norge") was founded January 12, 1990. There are about 8000 members (2006) and the membership ...

site:no genealogy - Google Search

also search using foriegn words like GENEALOGI GENEALOGIA GENEALOGIE

site:no genealogi - Google Search

Norsk Slektshistorisk Forening

Oppfordringen kommer både fra Genealogen og Genealogens redaktør Are S. Gustavsen skriver om de mange små og store slektshistoriske artikler - English introduction Norsk Slektshistorisk Forening ... In these publications you will find the best part of the most renowned articles on Norwegian genealogy.

site:no genealogie - Google Search and site:no genealogia - Google Search

finally you need to know what is family tree in norwegian? SLEKT !!!
site:no "family tree" - Google Search
site:no slekt - Google Search

Discover your family tree -

Discover your family tree - Researching family bonds lost in the mists of time is becoming Norway's largest and fastest growing hobby.

Norwegian - American Dictionary

In addition to a glossary of names and genealogical word, ...... makes boxes) ætt family ancestors/family history/family tree æti (see "ætten") ætti
GENEALOGY GLOSSARY: "This is a small, multilanguage dictionary of various Genealogy terms"

old norwegian archives are written in old danish
but that is another story of the language of administration of a danish colony.


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