Thursday, July 26, 2007

Overseas or ex-pat Search Overseas BMD indexes 1995 - 2002: has now added British Overseas Birth, Marriage and Death records for 1995-2002 to our already comprehensive BMD collection.
With these new indexes you can track down the couples who were married on a whim by an Elvis impersonator, the children born to parents who’d started a life abroad and any British subjects who died on foreign soil.

One eminent example, in August 1997, was Diana, Princess of Wales. Although her funeral took place back in England the death itself was registered in France, and as such does not appear on UK birth, marriage and death indexes but in the British Overseas Death records.

The British Overseas Birth, Marriage and Death records for 1995-2002 are the complete set held by the General Register Office but not every British birth, marriage or death that occurred in these years will be included. The indexes only include events that were registered with the British Diplomatic Mission (embassies, high commissions and consulates).

If you can't find the records that you're looking for you can contact the British Diplomatic Mission in the country in question here.

I for one did not register my danish civil marriage and divorce, and did not register my daughter's birth in Copenhagen, other than under local laws, until I applied to have her added to my passport.

Today she has her own british passport issued by the embassy.

Passport applicati0ns may be other archives worth searching depending on date and place.


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