Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Archives Office of Tasmania : Tasmanian Archives Online database: "Tasmanian Archives Online is the Archives Office of Tasmania’s on-line link to information on its publicly available holdings. Searching the database provides descriptive and contextual information about Tasmanian state and local government records and private records from individuals and organisations held by this Office."

Name indexes

The Archives Office has developed some on-line indexes to records which contain information about individuals. These indexes generally provide the name of the person in the specified record, some additional identifying information, and references to the record itself. These are most likely to be of interest to researchers undertaking family history but also in cases such as the ‘wills index’ which covers modern records as well, for lawyers and others interested in a particular piece of information or specific document. Archives Search Portal: "The Colonial Tasmanian Family Links database is designed to provide an initial online genealogical research resource. It links individuals with other members of their families living in Tasmania in the 19th Century. The information about individuals is based primarily on records of births, deaths, and marriages and similar events, held in the Archives Office and the linkages have been developed by family historians associated with the former National Heritage Foundation in the late 1990s. The database contains approximately five hundred thousand entries."


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