Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Kit Withers

Kit Withers' GENEALOGY Home Page:

"My favourite ancestor is probably 3 THOMAS WITHERS (1596-1668).
He was put in gaol by Cromwell in 1656 after being apprehended by a constable at Market Lavington (probably for holding a religious meeting there), dragged into an ale-house where he was kept until the next morning, & then committed by a JP to the county gaol - where he stayed for a long time with his property confiscated. So much for religious tolerance under the Protectorate!
Later he was fined for refusing to take his hat off in court . . . more on the page."

"We are of course all related - one gene pool. 600,000 years ago from a pool of
only 3000 individuals, our species homo sapiens diverged from the Neanderthals.
Sadly, they died out 28,000 years ago. 6 million years ago, our ancestral "
species diverged from the chimps. And so on."


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