Sunday, August 12, 2007

Beyond History

BEYOND HISTORY : A JOURNEY TO YOUR HERITAGE: "You are of German origin and are looking for your ancestors in Germany? You want to find out about your family history or fill the data of your ancestors with life? You want to know the meaning of your German family name? Welcome to the exciting world of genealogy!"

from my email:-

Unfortunately, there is not once common way of how archives and local records work in Germany, as
they have all been different states up until 1871. So the only common census list is actually 1939
which was actually more for the purpose of locating non Arian persons than anything else.

Mecklenburg has three interesting census lists in 1819 and 1867 and 1900, the first two are now
online on

Schleswig-Holstein had quite a few census taken, however, that area is somewhat difficult as the
borders changed so many times and then it was independent, then under French occupation followed
Danish rule then Prussian government. In Hamburg there was never a census taken.

I just came back from a research trip to Munich and was surprised at how difficult and complicated
it was to research there as all of the records are spread out to various places all over the city.
To find three records you spend four hours on public transportation. It is ridiculous and yet makes
me cherish my Hamburg archive much more.

so for expert help in Germany:

Beyond History: "Beyond History, Wendloher Weg 8, 20251 Hamburg, Germany"

my world deluxe membership of ancestry allows me to use these census too - Ahnenforschung/Genealogie/Familienforschung/Familienstammbaum erstellen
you just have to log on as usual


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