Thursday, August 23, 2007

names from the Parish Registers of Clwyd updated

These pages of names have been created as an index to the first names, surnames, and variations in their spelling which I have
collected together over many years, mainly from the printed Parish Registers of Clwyd, transcribed by volunteer members of Clwyd Family History Society.

In connection with the registers, to begin with I used those containing the baptismal year of 1812, which is the date to which they were first transcribed, and reached my target to include the indexes of all of these in the master index from which I am gradually uploading the information. Subsequent to this and as a result of my continuing fascination with names and their different spellings, many registers have been added with dates before, and now some transcribed beyond, 1812. Eventually I hope to cover all the printed registers containing baptisms, but not the patronymic indexes from these registers.

Experts may not always agree with the 'umbrella' name under which I have placed some of the first names/surnames but I take the
view that this is just an index and it is more important to be able to find the parish register reference number(s) for the name you are interested in.

KEY PAGE with a list of sources

Regarding frequently occurring surnames such as Jones, Edwards etc., reference numbers for these may not be included in full as the names appear in almost every register (+++ will indicate this) but examples giving the variations in spelling of the name will be shown.

References are cross-indexed where necessary and here and there, for added interest, you may find place names, the meaning of a name or information from a Commercial Directory.
A pre-symbol, eg *267 as opposed to 267, indicates that the reference is a first name, and the additional letters A+B+C etc. will refer to separate indexes within a register and occasionally a notitae list.

Jill Rose (Clwyd FHS Member No. 203)

Current state of play: A-V pages: Complete in respect of the registers listed on the 'key page' (see links at top of this page
and all succeeding pages). Work is in progress on page W, and as a result of requests and
cross-indexing X-Z already contain some names.

'Hel Achau', the journal of the Clwyd Family History Society, contains a 'Look-up request form' , which may also be down-loaded
from their website. Overseas members (ie outside Europe) are entitled to 10 free look-ups in each year. Non-members may also use this service. Details and charges are given on the form.

For post-1837 research in the area,
also visit
GPM Gogledd Cymru - North Wales BMD:
"the North Wales Births, Marriages and Deaths website, where Clwyd and Gwynedd Family History Societies, and Montgomeryshire Genealogical Society, have been working together to bring you this service." .

these are indexes of the original documents from which the "St. Cath's Index" and the GRO and FreeBMD verions were copied staring from 1 July 1837 with the quarterly returns for July August and September 1837
Comedy of Errors: "The story of the civil registration of births, marriages and deaths in England and Wales in the 1800s, by Michael Whitfield Foster" to understand why this work work is so important

The Clwyd FHS Resource Centre is at Well Street, Cefn Mawr, Wrexham.
Opening hours: Tuesdays 10-7; Thursdays 10-4; Saturdays 10-4;
Non-members may join at the door.

Clwyd Family History Society
The Society was founded in 1980, and now has more than 1300 members worldwide.

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