Monday, August 13, 2007

news from ancestry - Strange Brew: Ancestry Exposes Quirky Details About Two Canadian Families: "ou may wonder sometimes what Ancestry has to offer you. Can you really find anything about your ancestors in that sea of records? To prove that you can, we did some sleuthing on two famous Canadian brewers to see what we could dig up. You might be surprised at what we discovered."

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8/12/2007 Strange Brew: Ancestry Exposes Quirky Details About Two Canadian Families
8/10/2007 Ancestry Weekly Journal, 13 August 2007
8/10/2007 Weekly Planner: Create a Visual Impression
8/10/2007 The Next Generation
8/10/2007 Tip from the Pros: Note the Location of Sources
8/10/2007 Your Quick Tips, 13 August 2007
8/10/2007 The Year Was 1938
8/5/2007 Leonis or Lewis? Some Quick Tips for Finding Your Ancestors in the Census
8/4/2007 Ancestry Weekly Journal, 06 August 2007
8/4/2007 Weekly Planner: Clean Out Your Inbox
8/4/2007 More from the Poorhouse
8/4/2007 Making Certain I Have the Right Person
8/4/2007 Tips from the Pros: THE National Archives. Which National Archives?
8/4/2007 Your Quick Tips, 06 August 2007
8/4/2007 The Year Was 1922
7/27/2007 Ancestry Weekly Journal, 30 July 2007
7/27/2007 Weekly Planner: Restock with Back-to-School Sales
7/27/2007 Did Your Ancestors Go on Holidays?
7/27/2007 Tips from the Pros: "Official" Doesn't Always Mean Accurate
7/27/2007 Your Quick Tips, 30 July 2007
7/27/2007 The Year Was 1854
7/24/2007 Do You Have a Criminal Past? Finding Your Ancestors in the Australian Convict Lists
7/20/2007 Ancestry Weekly Journal, 23 July 2007
7/20/2007 Weekly Planner: Create a Master List of Surnames and Variations
7/20/2007 Flip for Footage

seems to be only on the web these days
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I particularly enjoyed todays - Ancestry Weekly Journal, 13 August 2007: "On-Network Backups There are numerous companies now offering cheap and secure data backup services for your data on their computer servers. The advantages are pretty obvious. First, this is a very inexpensive way to back up your data. Second, when you sign up for the service, a small piece of scheduling software is installed on your computer that allows you to schedule the backup. Your choices usually include selecting one or more specific times to commence the backup, or you allow the software to back up your data after your system has been idle for some period of time, such as one-half of an hour or an hour. Second, your data is stored off-site--away from your physical facility. That means that the chances of disaster striking both places at once are minimized substantially. Some backup services even have multiple, redundant sites at which data is stored. That protects them and it doubly protects you." . . .
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