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Quebec before 1765

Présentation - Généalogie des Français d'Amérique du Nord (début à 1765)

Genealogy of the French in North America

Author: Denis Beauregard

For the first time, all the early families living in the old French colonies of North America are gathered in a unique database. Here is the Genealogy of the French in North America, that of their ancestors and often their descendants who moved back to their initial country.

The 2006 release includes:

  • More than 57,000 family sheets, often with all married children (the web site version has only 20,000 sheets)
  • More than 350 sources
  • Nearly all colonial couples known from a marriage record or a marriage contract
  • The families that settled in Plaisance (Placentia), Terre-Neuve (Newfoundland), Acadia, in the Saint.Lawrence valley, around the Great Lakes and the Mississippi Valley and in Louisiana
  • Foreign origins, sometimes on many generations, sometimes living in Medieval times

To get your copy (the English version will probably be released in the 1st week of September)
Denis Beauregard, 726 de la Coulée, Sainte-Julie (Québec) J3E 1L6
(450) 922-5687

from my email:-

The immigration during the French regime is estimated (until 1763)
roughly to :

- about 30,000 immigrants in all
- about 8,000 men married before or after migration
- about 2,000 women married before or after migration
- about half of immigrants have descendants 300 years later
(my estimate from a subset where I tried to find which immigrants
had a descendant)

- the population of today is estimated to about 5 M inside Quebec
with old French roots, and about 5 to 10 M outside Quebec, so
10 to 15 M

- one immigrant is estimated to be the ancestor of nearly every body
(95 to 99% of the population, this is based on building many
genealogical trees). This immigrant is Zacharie Cloutier and I know
one person (dead but siblings are alive) with a complete French
ancestry but not descending from Zacharie.

- on the page below, you will find statistics about the number of
married descendants before 1800 (this page is in English)

- there were 68,000 marriages celebrated in Quebec until 1800 and the
population in 1800 should be about 150,000 to 200,000
- massive emigration outside of Quebec occured in 1850-1920, and the
not French immigration after 1759 is small so you can consider the
1800 population as all the descendants of the original 5,000
immigrants with descendants

- you can see on my site the year of marriage for all of them and
the early generations and I have made many genealogical
trees so you can estimate who had descendants (see this as a survey
and there are some immigrants for which I have no descendant in my
database but those descendants exist).

see also Discussions - soc.genealogy.computing | Google Groups
Any studies done on general likelihoods of direct-line connections?

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