Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Refer A Friend

WorldVitalRecords Blog » Launches Refer A Friend Program:

"Over the past year has offered a variety of specials on services and software. Now, is making it easy for its subscribers to get free months added to their subscriptions through the Refer a Friend program.

How the Refer a Friend Program Works:

Beginning August 1st (tomorrow), when you tell a friend or family member about and they sign up, you will have 1 month added to your membership.

Tell your friends and family members who join that they need to enter your email address into the “referred by” field in the membership sign up process.

When they do that, your membership will automatically be increased by 1 month. If you refer 12 friends or family members who join, you can extend your membership by 1 year. There are no limits on this Refer a Friend program, the more you refer, the more your membership will extend.

“Once again, I want to thank you for joining the family. I value your membership and the team is working very hard to ensure that your membership is very beneficial to you,” said David Lifferth, President,"

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