Monday, September 03, 2007

Province of Newfoundland

Genealogy Site featuring the Canadian Province of Newfoundland. The Newfoundland Grand Banks includes large amounts of original source Material for research: "Newfoundland's Grand Banks Historical District Web Pages"

The purpose of this site is to provide original genealogical and historical data in the form of census information, Provincial wide directory publications, church, parish, and cemetery records, and many other original source documents. It has been created for those desiring to do research in the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

At its inception in April of 1998, it was decided to transcribe and digitize the 1921 census for Newfoundland. Thus, it came to be known by the nickname "Project21, Home of the 1921 Newfoundland Census." Since then the site has added an immense collection of original material. Included are the following complete directory publications on the site: Hutchinson's 1864-65, Lovell's 1871, McAlpine 1894, McAlpine's 1898, McAlpine's 1904, the 1884 Methodist census for Burin, and many others, as well as various church records, graveyard transcriptions, wills transcriptions, additional census documents and many other items too numerous to mention.

This site is currently the largest storehouse of original resource material on the Internet, relating to Newfoundland in North America, and enjoys the largest number of visitors of any site providing genealogical information for the Province of Newfoundland.

At present, we are operating under a system of directors and coordinators, all of whom are volunteers, plus hundreds of additional volunteers who have helped in everything from getting material, typing and transcribing the material or to anything else that has been needed. These are the people who have really made this site what it is today. Our thanks to every one of them for their efforts and assistance.

Founders Message:

Project21 was initially expected to be completed in a six month time frame, but now it seems to have developed into an on going project with no end in sight as new material is being received on a daily basis. As founder of this site, I envision a continuing growth as more and more Newfoundlanders search for their family histories. Funding for these projects has been provided mainly by those who have transcribed the material. They have donated both time and money to obtain material, in addition to typing the transcriptions. With each new project, many of these same people continue to put their time and money into the site. If you feel that these projects are worthwhile please help to support us with a donation of either time or financial aid. This will enable the site to continue to grow as it continues. See below for the addresses where you can send your donation. One is a US address and the other is a Canadian address. Donations will be accepted in either currency (US or Canadian). The money will be used to obtain new material to put on the site. With support from those of you who find the information on this site useful, it will not be as heavy a load for the current group of contributors.

Bill Crant
1650 South Post Road, Apt. 204
Weston, FL 33331

Don Tate
717 Agena Ave. NW
Palm Bay, FL 32907


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