Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Richard Heaton's Local Newspaper Master Index

Newspaper Homepaper: "Richard Heaton first dabbled with newspapers as a source for Family History at the British Newspaper Library in Colindale, during his school holiday, in the early 1980's. Unfortunately there was no unified catalogue, and he struggled in the short time available to locate anything which would help him.

Even as a teenager he could see huge potential, there was so much of interest it was easy to get side tracked, if only an index existed ! By the mid 1990's he decided to try once again, and December 2003, I decided, just as an experiment, to put on the web a sample of 200+ transcripts I had made from a South of England regional newspaper called the Windsor and Eton Express (to which I added various manual indexes).

Since then the content has grown significantly. There are now (by August 27th 2007), over 721 transcripts. They are principally from Georgian and early Victorian newspapers, with a few earlier, the earliest dating from 1647."


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