Friday, October 12, 2007

Can you recommend a web site?

Genea-Musings: Can you recommend a web site?:

"I'm busily putting together my presentations for the 20 October seminar, and thought that I would ask my faithful, experienced and really smart readers for their recommendations. The first of my talks is an 'Internet Genealogy Survey.'

My plan is to list the 'best' web sites for each type of genealogy or family history record
- e.g., locality books, surname books, census, military, cemetery, immigration, naturalization, vital, land, probate, Bible, etc. records.
I also have lists for data portals, search engines, societies, online databases, and the like.

I am limiting this to US research for now.

I am not the sharpest knife in the genealogy drawer, and I'm absolutely sure that I haven't visited every great genealogy web site available, so I would appreciate your suggestions. I am looking for that 'great' site that not many researchers know about.

I am covering Ancestry, Footnote, WorldVitalRecords, GenealogyBank, Rootsweb, USGenWeb, FamilySearch, National Archives, CyndisList, HeritageQuestOnline and other sites in some detail, so please don't recommend those."

and suggestions are always welcome here for USA and the rest of the world


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