Wednesday, October 10, 2007

AOL Genealogy

AOL Genealogy Community News:

"The Genealogy Community on AOL invites all AOL users to visit our hosted chat rooms. Our hosts are trained to help everyone with their Genealogy research, no matter what their skill or experience level is. Many of our hosts will also help with lookups on resource sites such as,, and others that individuals might not have access to themselves."

AOL Genealogy Chat Schedule is out of date from 2005

and Getting to know AOL: Genealogy Weekly Chat Schedule my own blogpost is also out of date

9-10AM ET Monday to Friday : Mugs and Hugs in Ancestral Digs

and 9-11AM ET Saturdays : Mugs and Hugs in Ancestral Digs

and Special Interests - Genealogy (Keyword to: aol://2719:27-2-Genealogy) all day every day
are thriving - NB the last three links only work for AOL users


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