Monday, October 29, 2007

Dick Eastman and TGN

Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter: A Talk with the CEO of The Generations Network: "In mid-day, I had a chance to talk at length on the phone with Tim Sullivan, President and Chief Executive Officer of The Generations Network. He gave a lot of details about the acquisition and shared his vision for the future. I am indebted to Tim for taking the time to talk with me on what must have been a very busy day for him. Of course, any time you talk with a CEO of a multi-million dollar firm a few hours after an acquisition has been announced, you can expect that CEO will use all sorts of words and phrases, such as 'full value for the stockholders,' a 'great opportunity for the employees' and all that. Indeed, Tim did use many of those words. However, I was also struck by his bluntness and sincerity. . . . " well worth reading the whole of Eastman's Talk with the CEO


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