Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Old Sad News from AOLt

Sad News: "Jenna has given me the sad news that AOL no longer will have a CL program, but I will NOT give up! I am visiting HOST RL Wohlford and his buddy Rhianan in Vermont this week and he has promised to take me to Gettysburg Pennsylvania before I move on to visit another friend.

My journal will be moving this week to Jenna's play name and I hope that you will all continue to invite me to your homes for a visit.

Since the HOST/LDRS names will no longer be around, please send your new screen name to Jenna at 'Jenna JLR' with the subject 'Happy Trails' so she knows it's for me. Also, please make sure you clicked the little button on this journal to be alerted for any new posts so that you know where to find me as we move my stuff. When the new journal becomes available, please make sure you've clicked that button there also. I'm very sad to see my friends lose their HOST/LDRS names,

but Jenna has a saying: 'We have a choice. We can either look forward to the sunrise or to the sunset.
Both are beautiful, but only one is followed by darkness.
' We choose to look for the sunrise and realize that things happen for a reason, and just maybe something better is on the horizon."

this in June 2005 was a part of continual downgrading of AOL membership services in time with their misguided commmercial shift from social networking to pure advertising and ISP services.

The old AOL communities continue of course and just migrated to other areas of the web.


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