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Become a Volunteer

Would you like to become a volunteer and help to capture data? Or do you have data that has been captured already that you would like to add to one of our databases?

Ancestry24's primary challenge is to make as much information as possible available to our users. Most of this information exists in paper format that deteriorates over time due to excessive use and handling. Making this available in an electronic format means it will be preserved for eternity. You can help us with this mammoth task.

By volunteering, you will receive digital images from which you capture the information and transfer it over to Excel Templates. This varies from Church Records, Death Notices, Inhabitants of the Cape etc. This is all done in your own time, and you can specify how many work you would like to receive.

Due to the huge amount of immigrants arriving in South Africa during the 1800's many family historians have found it hard to try and trace how and when their ancestors arrived in South Africa. Many of these immigrants that arrived came either on their own or with other family members that did not have the same surname as there own. We would like to try and capture as many ships passenger lists and church records as possible.

Most passenger lists were published in the daily newspapers in Cape Town. Many of these passengers listed were only the 1st, 2nd Class and Saloon passengers whilst the rest were usually never mentioned. You volunteering to help in transcribing this mammoth project will be beneficial to all Family Historians World Wide.

Church records in this country are also in many instances in disrepair and we would like to get volunteers to help transcribe important Church Registers before they disappear forever. Church Records are unfortunately not available that often to transcribe but should they become available we will need volunteers as well.

If you have ANY ships passenger lists that you would like to make available or know of anyone who has any, please let us know. The same also applies for hidden church records of any denomination whatsoever. - volunteers - become a volunteer:

Ancestry24 Head Office
46 Hof Street
Cape Town
South Africa


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