Tuesday, November 27, 2007


If Only every American thought he or she was related to Elvis. Thanks to the discovery a few years back that the legendary rocker's forebears came from Lonmay, hundreds of...:
"Now delegates at a major conference in Aberdeen today were to discuss how the surge of interest in exploring family trees could prove a rich magnet for visitors to the North-east.

Ancestral tourism is already beginning to take off. But experts believe that with a concerted effort to encourage and develop it, the genealogy industry could end up generating millions of pounds for the area's economy.

One of the key speakers at today's Marcliffe at Pitfodels conference was to be ancestral tourism consultant Cameron Taylor, a 49-year-old Aberdeen University history graduate now based in Forres.
He said: 'Researching genealogy and family history is probably now the most popular hobby in the world and certainly the fastest growing. 'The internet and e-mail have made a huge difference to accessing details about ancestors. And, because the Scots have historically been such excellent record-keepers, the documents we have are among the best and most detailed in the world.
'Combine that with the fact there are between 28 to 100 million people of Scots descent in the world today and you can see the huge potential for ancestral tourism.'"


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