Monday, November 26, 2007

Welcome to FamilySearch

Welcome to the new FamilySearch -

If I'm not a member of the Church, can I register?
This release of the new FamilySearch is a limited release for Church members only

New FamilySearch: What's new in new FamilySearch?

. . . . Claim Information That You Contributed before the New FamilySearch

You can now claim information that you submitted to Ancestral File, to the Pedigree Resource File, and for temple ordinances. Then you will be able to correct any errors in this information, and all temple cards previously printed will be assigned to you.
To claim your information:

  • Find where contributors are listed (see Individual Details pages).
  • Click your contributor name. Or click the Multiple link, and then click your contributor name.
  • Click the Declare This Legacy Contributor as Yourself link. Then follow the instructions given.

More Easily Combine Duplicate Records
The combining duplicate records process has been redesigned. To try it, from an Individual Details page, click the Possible Duplicates link and follow the instructions on the screen.

Quick Process to Combine Duplicate Spouses, Fathers, and Mothers

  • On the Family Pedigree, click the Asterisk for duplicate parents or Couple symbol for duplicate fathers or motherssymbols to see duplicate spouses, fathers, or mothers.
  • Then click one of these tabs:
    • Resolve Duplicate Fathers
    • Resolve Duplicate Mothers
    • Resolve Duplicate Spouses
  • Follow the instructions, and start combining duplicate records in your family pedigree.

Restrictions on GEDCOM Files
The new FamilySearch will no longer accept GEDCOM files that have been directly downloaded from Ancestral File, Pedigree Resource File, and the International Genealogical Index. This will help reduce duplication. Users will be notified why their file was rejected.

for the rest of us is business as usual.


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