Saturday, November 24, 2007

National Gazetteer of Wales

The National Gazetteer of Wales - Home Page

The Gazetteer comprises several features:

gif Place Name Index of Wales: the most comprehensive place name index of Wales available online. It lists National Grid reference, County and administrative area information for over 6,000 places. It includes English/anglicised and Welsh versions of place-names.

gif Map of Wales: showing the Counties and the main towns and cities.

gif The Counties of Wales: description of each of the 13 Counties of Wales, noting places of special interest.

gif Administrative Wales: a comprehensive guide to the various administrative bodies and areas of Wales: including maps and links to relevant bodies. Includes details of parliamentary constituencies, the National Assembly for Wales, local government, the police service, the NHS in Wales, the fire service, the criminal justice system, the registration service, and the lieutenancies.


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