Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ludham One-Place study

Ludham Archive Home: "The Village of Ludham lies at the heart of the Norfolk Broads. It's not a big place, but it can trace its history back over a thousand years. A lot can happen in that time even in a small place.
This website is packed full of information about life in a Broadland village past and present. It was written by the people who care about Ludham the most - those who live there. This is their story and that of their ancestors.
The Ludham Archive contains far more than we can possibly put into a website and our shop page tells you how to get more information and pictures. We have books, leaflets, DVDs and an interactive CD available. We are a not for profit organisation, but we do have to make a charge to cover the production costs.

You can join in with the fun at the Ludham Archive Group. Anyone can attend our meetings. We don't have members or a membership fee. We just have people who are interested in Ludham. Click on the' Ludham Archive' button for more information."


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