Thursday, January 24, 2008


RootsWeb: Genealogy Mailing Lists: Mariners: "Topic: anyone who is researching their seafaring ancestors. The list welcomes discussions about merchant ships, the world's Navies, and the men who made their lives at sea. If your seafaring ancestor worked on the smallest fishing smack, or the largest man o'war... if he was a Marine, a Customs Officer, a Coastguard or followed any other profession involving ships or the sea, then this list is for you!"

Mariners: "Are you hoping to unravel the secrets of an ancestor's life at sea?
To discover the realities of a wartime incident?
To fill in the details of a half-remembered family story?

Whether your interest is in the smallest fishing vessel or the largest fighting ship, this page is for you."

mariners-list - Google Search

Morwyr Cymru - Welsh Mariners: "An on-line index of 22,000 Welsh merchant masters, mates and engineers active from 1800 to 1945, compiled by Dr. Reg Davies."


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