Sunday, February 10, 2008

Historical Newspapers

Historical Newspaper Collection -
"You can now use quotation marks to search for exact phrases.
Example: 'Lincoln Assassination' or 'World War'"

which works in Keyword(s) field for census too

Dunfermline Journal, 1851-1931 -
"this database contains images of the Dunfermline Journal, the main local newspaper of Dunfermline, Scotland, dating from 1851-1931.

Newspapers are a rich source of information for genealogists, and often contain information not possible to get elsewhere. Local newspapers are famous for publishing as many names and details of local people as possible, covering events such as births, marriages, deaths, wedding anniversaries, personal achievements, and personal tragedies.

Dunfermline is the ancient capital of Scotland and home to the world’s first Carnegie Library (it was the birthplace of Andrew Carnegie). The newspapers contained in this collection come from Carnegie Library."


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