Thursday, February 07, 2008

SOG London

Frontis - The Archive Publishing System: "The Society of Genealogists Sign with Frontis

Frontis is excited to announce that The Society of Genealogists in London have signed an agreement to publish their archives on the internet using the Frontis system. More details to Follow soon

Frontis™ allows you to classify and publish transcribed and digitised sources, images and multimedia which are then available for users to browse or search on the internet or on intranets. Frontis is unique in being able to perform intelligent searches on the structured data sets allowing internal and external users to retrieve the information which is relevant to them in a fast, efficient manner"

Frontis Archive Publishing System - Google Search

The Society of Genealogists have recently entered into an agreement
with Frontis Ltd, the supplier of the Frontis Archive Publishing
System that will allow the Society to publish for the first time, on
its own website, transcribed records, digitised documents, facsimiles
of books and other material held in our library. This data will
appear in an exclusive "members only" section of the website, thus
giving Society members even greater access to the library and its records.

Our Chairman says that this is a big step forward for the Society, a
significant number of our members are from overseas, and within the
UK, live some distance from our library and are thus unable to visit
the library as often as they would like. We can now begin to make
records available to them via the internet and the first of these
should appear shortly. Our members have been asking us to publish
more of our material exclusively for them and we are now in a
position to do this.

The Society will still be making records available on both the
Origins and FindMyPast websites as we have to generate income to
enable the Society to expand the services that we wish to provide to
members, and to allow the Library to acquire even more records.
Record offices and other libraries often wish to dispose of material
that is not directly related to their activities, but these can be of
great value to the family historian and when these are offered to the
Society we feel in a number of instances that we should save
them. This takes up a lot of time and requires funding.

Society of Genealogists - Home Page

Their library is the largest genealogical collection in the UK with collections of family histories, civil registration and census material, parish register ...


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