Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Learn More | "a single, shared family tree built by people all over the world.

The OneGreatFamily Tree is a powerful genealogy database that is shared and built by people like you from all over the world. Everyone's genealogy ties into the OneGreatFamily Tree."

Internet-Based Collective Family Tree
Examples: OneGreatFamily

Everybody works on one single on-line family tree, but each user maintains a unique view of how his or her family lines connect into the single on-line family tree. All duplication is automatically eliminated. System automatically searches for new connec-tions and ancestors for you, and automatically merges them for you.

Only one in the world. Greatly reduces tedious work and time spent, focusing you on key decisions. Full chaining occurs, so that tying into the core tree often results in tens of thousands of ancestors automatically added to your tree.

Linked Family Trees
Examples: Ancestry OneWorldConnect(sm)

Each submitted tree is maintained separate from the other trees in the collection, but links are formed between apparently identical people. Links may lead to other family trees or proprietary genealogy content.

Because trees aren’t automatically merged, you have to review and accept even completely obvious matches. Links sometimes require an additional paid subscription.

A Collection of Family Trees
Examples: World Family Tree Ancestry Family Tree GenCircles

Each submitted tree is maintained separately and distinctly from other trees in the collection. You can manually search for your ancestors in the trees in the collection. If you find an ancestor, you must download the tree and merge it into your tree using PC software.

You do all the searching and merging work yourself. Sometimes older versions of a newly submitted tree are still present.

How We're Different | "Six important differences between OneGreatFamily and other online family tree collections . . . ."

the only problem is that GIGO and guesswork may corrupt the data


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