Saturday, February 02, 2008

New FamilySearch and the development of Web Services

Utah Valley PAF Users Group - Press Releases: UVPAFUG Monthly Meeting - 9 Feb 2008:

"The main presentation will be by Gordon J. Clarke on

This will be a discussion of how FamilySearch has made it possible for many existing and new software products to work in conjunction with New FamilySearch through the development of Web Services. Web services is the way that web and desktop applications can communicate with an online service such as new FamilySearch. Desktop applications can work online or offline and synchronize, as desired. Learn what type of products and tools are becoming available. Discover when and why to use various compatible web or desktop products according to individual needs, purposes, and abilities.

Gordon Clarke joined the Family and Church History Member Needs team over 2 years ago. He is coordinating Developer Services and Affiliate Marketing in addition to his product management responsibility for the FamilySearch Web Services. Previously Gordon was the founder and president of ici MEDIA. Over the last 25 years Gordon has organized and lead numerous companies and projects, creating and delivering Internet, desktop computer, audio/video, and enterprise solutions for many different industries."

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