Saturday, March 15, 2008

Copyright seen from UK

Copyright for Family Historians:
"Copyright is the exclusive right to make copies of a work recorded as characters, visual images or music (literary, artistic and musical works, drama and film).
Copyright is a property; usually it belongs initially to the author, but ownership can then be assigned (in writing) to someone else. It may belong to the originator's employer, or the person commissioning a work.

The owner of the copyright can licence others to make copies, for example by publishing in a magazine or book. When the owner dies, it forms part of the estate. Copyright expires after a number of years.

The duration of copyright is complicated, it depends on the form of the work, whether it was published, whether it was Crown or Parliamentary copyright.
Quite apart from whether a work is in copyright, the owner of a document or other work can make conditions about access to it and what use is made of copies.
For example, photography of paintings in stately homes may be forbidden, or may be allowed provided no commercial use is made of the photographs" . . . . . . and should be read in full

The article is an informal summary, does not constitute legal advice and it has been published in Family Tree Magazine.
The copyright in the article belongs to David Hawgood, who gives permission for GENUKI users to download it, and print one copy for their own use, but not to distribute it.

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