Tuesday, March 11, 2008


FamilySearch - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "The LDS Church is currently (June 28, 2006) developing a web application for membership (and, eventually, everyone) to be able to interact with a very large, unified database full of connected genealogical information. When fully released, it will replace the current FamilySearch.org.

Most of the development work on the new system takes place in offices in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building on Temple Square, Salt Lake City, Utah."

New FamilySearch to Advance Temple Work | LDS Temple Study Blog - Sustaining and Defending the LDS (Mormon) Temple: "For those who may not know, for the past few years the Church has been overhauling and rebuilding FamilySearch, one of the world’s premiere family history and genealogy websites, to expand its features and functionality significantly."

There are useful links and maps in those blogs


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