Monday, March 03, 2008

fake genealogy

Gustav Anjou - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "1863-1942), born Gustave Ludwig Ljungberg, was a self-professed genealogist who has been accused of fakery.

Few if any names in genealogical circles draw the outrage that Anjou enjoys. A resident of Staten Island, New York, Anjou presented himself as a professional genealogist, and his services were employed by many East Coast families in the late 19th and early 20 centuries.

Anjou initially earned a reputation for providing copious amounts of research to back up his findings, much to the delight of his clients. For his 'findings', Anjou's services were expensive for the day and he became quite well off.

However scholastic research of Anjou’s findings have found flawed research with the intent to defraud."

Family Chronicle - Fraudulent Genealogies: " . . . . The second, and far more ominous, reason for caution is that many Internet databases contain fraudulent genealogies created by such master forgers as Gustave Anjou who created hundreds of genealogies in the late 1800s and early 1900s in exchange for huge fees. It is estimated that Anjou alone has tainted the lineages of over 2,000 common surnames and some of these are listed later in this article. Anjou was not the only forger active in creating questionable distinguished lineages for unwary clients; the names of Charles H. Browning, Orra E. Monnette, Frederick A. Virkus, C.A Hoppin, Horatio Gates Somersby and John S. Wurts have also been recorded as “experts” who used dubious sources."

by Myra Vanderpool Gormley, CG

Not even your family histories are safe from those who want to make a quick buck at your expense. Moreover, you might have been hoodwinked with a fabricated genealogy and your relatives might have been victims of estate frauds -- an old con game, and you might not even realize it."

Cyndi's List - Myths, Hoaxes & Scams


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