Sunday, March 09, 2008

Miners in Ireland

Trust symbol: "The Cronebane Token

A shortage of copper currency in Great Britain and Ireland towards the end of the eighteenth century, led to the private manufacture of tokens to the value of one penny and one half penny. Because the quality and weight were of a sufficiently high standard, they were accepted and used as general coinage.
The Hibernian Mine Company and the Associated Irish Mine Company which had mines in west and east Avoca respectively, produced their own tokens. The 'Cronebane Token', produced by the AIMC and named after the townland of that name in East Avoca, is probably the most beautiful of all the token coinage of that period.

The obverse of the token shows a bust of St Patrick and the reverse a crest and shield of arms, which may be regarded as the Arms of the Company. The shield incorporates crossed shovels, miners picks and a powder horn and is surmounted by a windlass."

The Trust: "The Mining Heritage Trust of Ireland seeks to develop the informed public awareness, appreciation, conservation and enjoyment of all facets of mining heritage throughout Ireland.
Objectives: The objectives of the Trust are:
The general promotion of awareness, appreciation and conservation of the mining heritage of Ireland.
To create and maintain an inventory of surface and underground mining remains.
To actively participate in, facilitate and promote the surveying and documentation of extant mining heritage.
To create and maintain a library of information to assist researchers.
To provide an active programme of lectures, field meetings, publications and a newsletter.
To undertake general mining history educational activities.
To initiate and support mining heritage as tourist amenities.
To promote a 'Code of Practice' in relation to sites.
To provide representation on mining heritage to relevant statutory authorities"


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