Tuesday, April 01, 2008

capitalizing on genetic information

PredictER Blog: Best Predictive Health Ethics Blogs - March, 2008: "Predictive Health Ethics Research (PredictER) is a multidisciplinary research, policy, and public education program of the Indiana University Center for Bioethics funded by a grant from the Richard M. Fairbanks Foundation, Inc., Indianapolis."

Should Researchers Share Data? Janet D. Stemwedel, Adventures in Ethics and Science. 3 March 2008.
Janet Stemwedel of Adventures in Ethics and Science comments on the widely discussed Andrew Vickers essay in The New York Times – "Cancer Data? Sorry, Can’t Have It" (22 January 2008).

Stemwedel does an excellent job of highlighting the importance of data sharing for the success of translational research.
She also acknowledges the research subject's contribution to this research and the exposure to risk that they have assumed read the blog and follow the links


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