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National Archives of Hungary

National Archives of Hungary: "The National Archives of Hungary, i.e. the central archives of the historic Hungary and Hungarian Republic celebrated the 250th anniversary of its foundation in 2006. The significance of the jubilee is indicated by several momentous events including the participation of archival directors from 18 European countries and prominent figures of Hungarian political and scientific life in the jubilee conference, rewarding the institution with Hungarian Heritage Award, releasing the photo album presenting the central building, and the publication of a monograph treating with the history of the Archives."

The e-Archívum is the unified electronic record system of Hungarian public archives.

Its user interface is available at containing the inventory of the fonds of the National Archives of Hungary and some of its finding aids as well.

On the basis of the Act 10/2002 (IV.13.) of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, the National Archives of Hungary developed the e-Archívum, i.e. a unified electronic record system, for the benefit of Hungarian public archives.

Every public archives receives the software free of charge in Hungary, but the system has to be kept in operation individually by the institutions.

Wednesday, April 2, 200812:23:40 CET
Digitization at the Hungarian National Archives

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Prof. Gecsényi, general director of the Hungarian National Archives has an updated lectori salutem on the homepage of the repository. He describes the archives' efforts to become a more service and patron oriented institution.

2007 already brought a number PR boosting events organized and hosted by the archives, like the History in hands reach in November (see a nice video on YouTube), the Days of Cultural Heritage programs, including a historical playground for children. And for 2008 there is a coming competition for the kids on the May Day of Museums.

Talking about the digitization planned and under way the director mentions that online access to Hungary's 1720 and 1828 national censii is being prepared.

It was some weeks ago that opened its World Collection with the index to 25 counties of the 1828 census.

It was some weeks ago that opened its World Collection with the index to 25 counties of the 1828 census.

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