Friday, April 18, 2008


PAF-LUG BLOG: The Future of PAF: "Today, users of New FamilySearch will definitely need to continue using Personal Ancestral File or one of its competitors. NFS isn't set up to handle the living people in your file.

It doesn't allow multimedia content.
It doesn't allow export.
It doesn't allow private content or temporary-working data.

The system for inputting and saving sources needs to be overhauled and in my opinion there's a risk that any work you do with sources now may have to be redone in the future."

For most of us our trees are a work in progress containing assumptions to be proved or disproved,
and my LAPHAM One-Name study retains known errors as a method of disambiguation.

My own newbie work has no sources because I knew neither how to enter them nor their importance.


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