Monday, May 05, 2008

fakes at TNA

from an email:-

Saturday's broadcast of "Today" included a report that 27 forged documents have been found in the National Archives, all relating to WW2 stories that have formed the basis of 3 expose-type books.

A journalist from the Financial Times said that he found it suspicious that he could see pencil under a signature on a letter!
The police have investigated, sent in a file with their evidence, but the Public Prosecution mob are not taking it further because of the state of health of the main suspect...

The story's here - scroll down about half a screen.
Apart from the obvious worry about forgeries, there's the fact that now there's 3 more books floating about which will be regarded as evidence by future researchers because the references, etc, all look good (sources in the NA? Must be right!), despite the fact that the forgeries have now been removed.

About us | FOI disclosure log 2007: "Forged documents - investigation findings

In July 2005, it was discovered that a number of files held at The National Archives contained forged documents. These files related to the Second World War. This resulted in a thorough internal investigation, the findings of which are available"


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