Friday, June 20, 2008

The Ancestry Insider: Generations Network files suit against Millenia

The Ancestry Insider: Generations Network files suit against Millenia: "The Ancestry Insider obtained a copy of the complaint from the U.S. District Court for the District of Utah. TGN alleges that BTH2 became a manufacturer, publisher and distributor for Legacy 7.0, redesigning the Legacy box to look remarkably similar to the design BTH2 did for TGN."

TGN is doing a great job making publicity for

Legacy Family Tree Genealogy Software

Learn about Legacy Family Tree; The most comprehensive and easy-to-use genealogy/family history software you can buy.

they share the words "Family Tree" in Helvitica typeface and the number three (a group of photographs)

seen first at
All about genealogy - family roots » Blog Archive » The Generations Networks Sues Millinnia & BTH2 for a Cool $1,000,000.:

may be TGN needs a new corporate lawyer and better crisis management especially of FTM 2008

images from AMAZON

I will stick with FTM 16 until FTM 2009 or FTM 2010 is bug free


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