Saturday, June 28, 2008


Welcome to GedLynk: "GedLynk is a free, open source tool for synchronizing and merging genealogy data between multiple remote data sources. It allows you to synchronize a local GEDCOM file with a remote data source such as New FamilySearch or a PhpGedView website.

GedLynk provides an easy-to-use graphical user interface that simplifies the management and synchronization of genealogy data with multiple data sources. It allows you to import a GEDCOM file and then synchronize it with the data in a remote data source. It currently supports the new FamilySearch API and the PhpGedView API.

The project is currently in an early beta stage, but feedback is encouraged and welcome. Visit the SourceForge community site for more information about the development efforts of the project."

LDS Tech: "Without using a NFS utility, a person has limited options for adding data to New FamilySearch. These include manually adding each individual record using the forms on the web site itself, searching for existing or duplicate data which represent the same individual, or uploading a GEDCOM file with this data included. By synchronizing data using an NFS utility, the selected record in your personal data file will be compared with the data available at NFS. New online information available can be downloaded and while missing online data can be uploaded to NFS. Utilities which can synchronize entire files of data will not be available for some time."


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