Thursday, July 03, 2008

DNA tests as horoscopes?

the tests, which cost £75-£510, generally provided such vague information that they were little better than horoscopes, Which? reported.

Expensive online DNA tests are 'no more accurate than horoscopes' | Mail Online: "Expensive online DNA testing services which promise to unlock the secrets of your ancestors are a waste of money, a study has found.

And some offer sinister sidelines that include potentially alarming warnings about vulnerability to life-threatening illnesses, such as cancer.

The consumer group Which? has found that DNA testing websites, which are part of a booming industry in tracing family trees, are not as harmless as they may appear.

Some keep DNA records for up to 20 years or share them with outside companies for commercial benefit.

It is possible that a customer could find their DNA is matched with a stranger, proving a family link that perhaps had been kept a secret.

And it could throw up uncomfortable questions if the DNA profile of a father turns out to be different from that of his children.

Experts at Which? Computing sent DNA samples to four companies, two from a man and two from a woman."


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