Tuesday, July 08, 2008

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About Us: Looking ahead - Digitisation of Vital Events:
"Which types of records have been digitised?
Siemens has currently delivered over 130 million records; this is approximately half the total number of General Register Office (GRO) records of birth, death and marriage. Siemens has undertaken to complete the birth records (from 1837 to 1934) and death (1837 to 1957) records. These are the record types most requested by members of the public applying to GRO for copies of certificates, often for the purposes of family history research.

What has happened to the records which have already been digitised?
The digitised records are now being used by GRO within a system known as EAGLE (Electronic Access to GRO Legacy Events ). The use of digitised records in handling certificate applications enables a quicker and more efficient system to be used for identifying and printing certificates. As well as a database and image store, the EAGLE system also allows for the recording and tracking of customer orders.

When will the digitised Index be made available online?
The project to produce the digitised index and make it available to the public online is the MAGPIE project (MultiAccess to GRO Public Index of Events). This project is dependent on the completion of DoVE. Given the developments with DoVE, clearly the availability of the online index is likely to be delayed further.


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