Sunday, September 28, 2008


OriginsNetwork - Resources - Collections: "The church of St Andrew Holborn is the largest of Sir Christopher Wren's London parish churches and stands at the western end of Holborn Viaduct by Holborn Circus. It also served one of the biggest parishes in London (it actually spanned the boundary of London and Middlesex) out of which five new parishes were eventually formed.

The registers are large and contain many thousands of entries, as the parish has always been a popular place to marry. More significantly, the entries from the marriage registers do not appear on the International Genealogical Index or in Boyd's Marriage Index. Pallot's Marriage index has entries for 1780-1837 but these give only year and omit many of the details from the original registers. It is for these reasons that, in 2003, the Society of Genealogists decided to embark a project to transcribe and index the registers.

The index for the period 1754-1812, comprising 18,724 marriages and around 92,000 names, is now available online. "


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