Tuesday, December 23, 2008

beta 1911 census of England and Wales

1911census.co.uk blog:
"Due to the positive feedback from the beta period so far, and to allow people to search the extra 22 counties we’ve added, we have extended the beta period into the Christmas holidays.

Please keep an eye on this blog for updates on the shutdown date.

There will not be live Customer Suppport over Christmas, Boxing Day and the weekend directly after (27th/28th) but we will be picking up enquiries again on the 29th.

A few people have received invite emails, deleted them and not been able to get back into the site. Please remember to either bookmark the beta site in your browser, or to use the link on the right of this blog, as you cannot access it from the main 1911census.co.uk site.

Finally, please keep the feedback coming, thank you *ever* so much for your time and help so far, and our very best wishes for a happy Christmas and an excellent New Year from the entire team here at findmypast.com and brightsolid."


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