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How do I get started with the World Archives Project?

Getting started is easy. First, you'll need to download the World Archives Project software. Click here to download and install the keying tool. Once you've downloaded and installed the software, view the tutorial for instructions on participating in the project. Then you are ready to begin keying records.

Additional World Archives Project Information

Click on the links below to view additional information and help in keying with the World Archives Project.

World Archives Project Keying Guidelines
Project specific tips for the World Archives Project
FAQs about completing a World Archives Project record set

If you are a member or registered guest of, simply use your username and password to login to the software. If you are not a member or registered guest, visit and register as a guest to obtain a username and password. Registered guest accounts are available for free.

World Archives Project vs. FamilySearch Indexing:

"So what then is the underlying difference between the two projects? Not much that I can see. Both projects promise free access for everyone to the indexes created by the volunteer indexers. Both do not plan, however, to offer free access to the actual images themselves.

FamilySearch, at least so far, is offering free access to the images online, but they have stated that in their future collaborations with societies and other organizations that not all images will be available free on their Web site. also does not plan to offer online access to the images for free, although they are offering free image access to frequent contributors (currently volunteers indexing 900+ records per quarter).

Both organizations will handle the expensive digitization of the records, and provide an online indexing tool which makes it easy for society members to participate in indexing the records. Both provide participating societies with a copy of the index and the digitized images for their own use (to put up on their Web site as a tool to attract new members, for example)."

The World Archives Project - Google Search:

FamilySearch Labs: "FamilySearch Labs showcases new family history technologies that aren't ready for prime time. Your feedback will help us refine new ideas and bring them to market sooner. Have fun playing with these innovations and send your feedback directly to our development teams."

Released Projects

FamilySearch Indexing

Extract family history information from digital images of historical documents to create indexes that assist everyone in finding their ancestors.


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