Monday, January 19, 2009

Mining Occupations

Durham Mining Museum - Mining Occupations

see also Modern Mining Occupations — a list of Occupations and Job Descriptions from 1967

This information is taken from the following sources:

  • An 1825 description by E. Mackenzie of the Northumberland coal mines, "the following is a brief enumeration of the employments, and a few technical terms peculiar to coal-miners"
  • "A Glossary of Terms used in the Coal Trade of Northumberland and Durham" by G. C. Greenwell (Colliery Viewer), first published in 1849, these descriptions are taken from the 1888 edition. Full text available in the books section.
  • "History of the County of Durham" by J. R. Boyle, F.S.A., published in 1892
  • 1894 Mines Inspectors Annual Report - appendix


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