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Southern Sweden genealogy in particular

Scanian Genealogy

scangen :: genealogy in scandinavia

scangen :: genealogy in scandinavia:
"Search the web intelligently! Combine first name, last name, location and dates for birth and death to find genealogical data from a large number of Swedish web sites and databases totaling more than 20 million records! Click to directly access the data and get additional information such as family, pedigrees and descendants. Some of the database entries require membership and password.

Keep in mind that the quality of these web sites can differ a lot and you should always double check any information in primary sources before relying on them. ScanGen takes no responsability for accuracy or possible personal integrity issues regarding the search results. The original web sites are solely responsible for whatever information this search engine will retrieve."

scangen :: genealogy in scandinavia:

"Efterlysningsforum - Lägg in en ny efterlysning (enter a new query on their notice board)"
scangen :: genealogy in scandinavia: "ScanGen mailing list
Denna sida på svenska

This is a mailing list for genealogists with an interest in the Swedish provinces Skåne (Scania), Blekinge and Halland. Queries about 'lost' relatives and discussion of research problems, information about upcoming events, hints about good books and Internet sites etc belong here.

The list is unmoderated and the language is Swedish (English is also OK)."

Forum queries are also distributed to the list, but must be answered in the forum.

Read older posts in the archives at Yahoo Groups. Follow this link:
ScanGen at Yahoo Groups

scangen Intressanta länkar" - links to useful sites :: genealogy in scandinavia: "

Summary in English

This site contains information about genealogical research in the province of Skåne in the very south of Sweden.

You may have your research queries published free of charge on this site, easily accessed by anyone surfing by. Enjoy!

A new service started in 2007 is the "Genealogy Beeper", which is a smarter way to "google" for all the data hiding in private genealogy homepages in Sweden.

If you would like to get in touch with over 550 genealogists and discuss your research, the Scangen mailing list is available. The discussions are mostly in Swedish, but contributions in other languages are also welcome. We have quite a few English-speaking members and almost all Swedes understand the language.

Don't miss the Wide Database Search. Here you can search a number of Swedish and international databases from a single page.

An extensive links section is also available.

A selection of research projects are published, including name indices to some publications.

Regular visitors will find the page with changes and additions useful.

Visit also the Medieval Genealogy site


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