Monday, March 09, 2009

Burns Monument Genealogy Centre Scotland

Burns Monument Centre : Welcome: "The Burns Monument Centre is a ground-breaking development in Scotland bringing together staff expertise, resources and first class facilities under one roof to create a new destination for family and local history researchers.

The custom built centre provides East Ayrshire with a unique facility for ancestral tourists, attracting visitors from across Scotland and from the very large ex-patriot Scots community around the world."

from my email:-

Just to let everyone know that the Burns Monument Genealogy Centre opens on
16 March.

This will also house the Registrars and the present building in John Dickie
Street will close at the end of this week.

As I understand it (not yet received any word from them) the Burial Records
will be going there as well but there is a complete listing of records
available on their site.


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