Sunday, March 08, 2009

disaster at the Cologne City Archives

Flickr: The Eingestürtzes Stadtarchiv Köln Pool

DSC00631 - from ARD news TV

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Cologne City Archive Disaster | MetaFilter:
"Cologne City Archive is a six-story building containing 26 kilometers of shelves, 65,000+ documents dating from 922 AD, 104,000 maps, 50,000 posters, 500,000 photographs and 780 estates and collections, including Irmgard Keun, Hans Mayer and Jacques Offenbach.

Considered a state of the art institution when built in 1971 and copied around the world, the building simply collapsed on Tuesday, destroying most everything.

When the building was constructed, a small nuclear-bomb proof chamber was included in the cellar to protect the most precious pieces. But in recent years, the chamber has been used only to store cleaning material."

Eingestürtzes Stadtarchiv Köln - Google Search


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