Monday, March 30, 2009

Cabell County USA

Welcome to Cabell County West Virginia GenWeb: "Cabell County was established in 1809 from Kanawha County, when the area was still the state of Virginia. The county seat has changed several times throughout our history, originally located at Guyandotte, moved back and forth between Barboursville and Guyandotte a few times, until 1887 when it was moved to Huntington. Most of Huntington is in Cabell, but a small portion of the city, mainly the area of Westmoreland, is in Wayne County."

Searching for Ancestors Online: "HUNTINGTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) -- Members from the KYOWVA Genealogy Society held a workshop Sunday teaching people how to use the internet as a tool for family history research.

The class was held at the Huntington Museum of Art as part of an Exhibit.

Debbie Campbell of KYOWVA says this topic was a natural choice.

“We chose to do the internet because the internet is very popular right now,” Campbell said. . . . .

Campbell went over a number of local sites including, the West Virginia State Archives site, Cabell and Wayne County sites and the KYOWVA website."


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