Wednesday, March 25, 2009

England and Wales Probate Admon and Wills

Publications - Guidance - Probate - Guide to obtaining copies of probate records: "The only place where there is a complete set of calendars [from 1858] available for public inspection is First Avenue House in London. Most District Probate Registries have calendars covering at least the last fifty years. If you intend to visit a Registry specifically to look at the records, you are recommended to contact the Registry beforehand [a list of addresses and telephone numbers appears overleaf] to check what is available."

from my email:-

John Briden HMCS (Her Majesty's Courts Service) is hoping to get the
Probate Calendar Indexes to Wills and Grants, issued since 1858 in England
and Wales online.

The index includes the full name and address of the deceased and date of

He has put together a short questionnaire and would like to receive as many
responses as possible by Friday 27th March. I realise that this is very
short notice but if you are able to help by responding to John it would be

Copy and paste the questions below into an email, add your answers and send
your responses to

Q1. If the probate calendar was available on the internet, would you use it?

Q2. If you would use it - how often would you use it?

Q3. What probate information would you be interested in seeing online, and
why that particular information?

Q4. Would you like to order copies online, and be prepared to pay for them

Q5. Would you prefer to access the calendar online, but order and pay for
copies by post, or by telephone?

Q6. Would you be prepared to pay a premium to the fee, in addition to the
normal cost for a more immediate service?


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