Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Unofficial Ancestry subscription list

Unofficial Ancestry subscription group | Google Groups: "Description: For the discussion of topics relating to the genealogy subscription service Ancestry. This group is not to be used for Ancestry bashing. If you have a specific complaint that is fine; but I am not creating the group to discuss why I hate Ancestry, etc."

This group was started on rootsweb but that list has just been shut down . so it has migrated to google groups.

from my email:-

Dear Ancestrycom List Members,

We wanted to let you know that in the next coming days the recently created
Ancestrycom mailing list will be removed from the site. We definitely don't
want to discourage discussion about the Ancestry.com website, but currently
there are two very active message boards dedicated to the discussion of
Ancestry.com. One is called Ancestry Site Comments (mainly used for general
comments about the site) and the other is called Ancestry Improvements
(mainly used to submit suggested improvements and site feedback).

Ancestry Site Comments

On Ancestry.com - http://boards.ancestry.com/topics.ancestry.ancsite/mb.ashx

On RootsWeb.com - http://boards.rootsweb.com/topics.ancestry.ancsite/mb.ashx

Ancestry Improvements

On Ancestry.com -

On RootsWeb.com -

Our Product Managers and other Ancestry.com staff are active on these
message boards and try to visit them regularly to read the recent posts. We
are worried that with an additional outlet for discussion about Ancestry.com
we may not have enough staff to stay on top of things and may miss some of
the comments that would have been made to the message boards. We want to
make sure that we can understand everyone's feedback about the site and can
offer our comments when it is helpful and keeping it focused on these two
message boards will help with that.

Thanks in advance for your understanding as we try to use these messages
boards instead of this new mailing list. We understand that some of you
prefer to use mailing lists rather than the message boards and hope that
this doesn't inconvenience you too much.



Anna Fechter
Community Operations Manager
The Generations Network

A 360 W 4800 N Provo, UT 84604
ancestry.com | genealogy.com | myfamily.com | rootsweb.com | family tree


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