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Barton Regis Union. 14th March 1877

Clifton is in Bristol. Gloucestershire. England. and had this strange administrative change of name

Barton Regis Registration District
Registration County : Gloucestershire.
: 1.4.1877 (out of Clifton district).
Abolished : 1.1.1905 (succeded by Bristol, Chipping Sodbury and Thornbury districts).
Sub-districts : Ashley; Clifton; St. George; St. Phillip & Jacob; Stapleton; Westbury; Winterborne.
GRO volumes : 6a (1877-1904).

from my Bristol_and_District rootsweb list email:-

This may be helpful with regards to the switch from Clifton to Barton Regis.

The Barton Regis union was started in 14th March 1877, previously it was known as Clifton Union.

The reason for the change was that the deaths in the area made Clifton look worse than it was, as the Union of Clifton District embraced a large population residing in the poorest parishes of astern Bristol. For some years previous to this date, the reputation of Clifton as a watering-place
had been injured by the quarterly returns of mortality issued by the Registrar-General, whose statistics were founded on the deaths reported in the entire Union of Clifton

Repeated remonstrations having been made on the injustice of this arrangement. The Local government Board at length ordered the name of the Union be changed to Barton Regis. The mortality in Clifton alone was then only included in the Registrar's returns of watering-places, with the effect of proving the parish to be amongst the most salubrious in the kingdom.

Politicians back them were just as good at manipulating the statistics as they are now! The name change was just so Clifton Area did not show up so bad in the stats for deaths.

The Barton Regis Board of Guardians, suggested to give it a more permanent character, that elections should take place every three years, instead of the annual elections. The rate payers were given a vote in June 1885, upon the question whether future elections should be annual or triennial. A majority declared in favour of the triennial system, and the alteration was approved by the Local Government board. The first election under the new regulation took place in April 1886.

So St George would have been under Clifton pre 14th March 1877 and then Barton Regis.

Iles was a very common name in the St George Area, and I have come across lots in the Crews Hole Area of St George.

Hope this is of interest to some of you.

Information was taken from "Annals of Bristol "
Vol 3 "Nineteen Century"
by John Latimer written in 1887
republished in 1970 Georges of Bristol.

my thanks to Brian

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