Monday, May 04, 2009

Edinburgh's Dark Side

Edinburgh's Dark Side: "Monday, January 19, 2009
The Gentleman Swindler

In 1833, the Gentleman Swindler, whose real name was Mr Smith...or Dickson...though possibly it was Galloway...or Johnston, Jardine, Cathcart or McKenzie. Or Ferguson...

Anyway...the Gentleman Swindler was finally caught and taken into police custody.

Edinburgh's New Town residents had been conned by him time and time again. Dressed in a white hat, blue jacket and white or blue pantaloons, he was charming and attractive, with excellent manners, and would approach his victims in the street. Having found out a little about their family history, he would take on their surname, convince them he was a long-lost relative and weave a sorry tale about recent hard times. The victim would part with anything from £1 to as much as £8 (a fortune then), and he'd be on his merry way . . . .."


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