Sunday, May 31, 2009

Obtaining U.S. and Ireland dual citizenship « A good blog never broke a tooth

Obtaining U.S. and Ireland dual citizenship « A good blog never broke a tooth: "The United States allows dual citizenship with numerous countries, including Ireland. A few years ago I found out Ireland offers citizenship by descent. It is called “Citizenship through Foreign Births Registration (FBR)”. The background work took me a couple of months and the whole process cost a few hundred dollars. The FBR application took about 16-18 months to process. I received my dual citizenship in May 2007. I then applied for an Irish passport which I received in August 2007.

The rules:

One can become an Irish citizen by descent even if your parents were not Irish citizens. If one of your grandparents was an Irish citizen you can apply for entry in the Foreign Births Register. There is no requirement that you have ever stepped on Irish soil. Since 1986, citizenship only takes effect as of the date of registration so any children born prior to your becoming a citizen are not automatically also citizens.

You need three forms of identification for your grandparent. I sent in information for both my grandfather and grandmother just in case. I used their Irish birth certificates, marriage certificate, and death certificates. All these records can be obtained through contact information on the Internet."


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